Where the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate stand on key Colorado issues ahead of primary

Rivals John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff are offering distinct choices for voters ahead of the June 30 election

The two Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate are outlining competing visions ahead of the June 30 party primary.

John Hickenlooper, the former Colorado governor and Denver mayor, and Andrew Romanoff, a former state House speaker and mental health advocate, offer voters distinct choices when it comes to how Democrats would govern in Washington.

So far, the issues of race, health care and the economy are dominating the conversation, but the candidates are staking out ground on numerous other top Colorado issues. Here’s a look at where Hickenlooper and Romanoff stand on the big questions -- and a couple fun ones, too.

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The Candidates

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John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper

Former Colorado governor and Denver mayor   

Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff

Former state House speaker and director Mental Health Colorado